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Lisa and Sue relax at Starbucks after Saturday morning yoga.


Student Questions … researched, answered or simply pondered  …

Q. What can I do/what causes foot/toe cramping? (potassium, calcium or magnesium aside)

A. Yoga Journal article: Finding relief from foot pain and fallen arches – says to strengthen feet – we can do on that!

Q. What can I do for muscle spasms?  A. Looks like it’s more water intake, a nice bath or maybe a massage!  

Yoga Journal article:  

…Ayurveda offers several natural means of relief. According to Ayurvedic principles, muscle cramps and spasms are a sign of excess vata energy. Vata qualities are cool, rough, and dry, so you can pacify vata-exacerbated muscle tension with moist heat. That means comfort can be as close as a hot water bottle or bath…. article:
An excellent explanation. Sue, don’t worry, I don’t think we are considered “older adults” yet.  


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